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What’s New(s)

Automated Salt Bath

Crescent Design is pleased to announce the release to market of the Automated Salt Bath (ASB), a state of the art temperature controlled salt bath and water quench system. This is an engineered system that guarantees accuracy, repeatability and increased throughput, all packaged in an easily maintained enclosure designed for maximum safety. The Automated Salt Bath’s temperature controlled molten salt bath and water quench system operates from a user-friendly, programmable passcode protected interface.

Features Include:
  • Accurate
  • Repeatable
  • Increased throughput
  • Safe
Benefits Include:
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Process variables are preprogrammed by the process engineer
  • Key locked and computer controlled doors
  • Unique splash covers maximize safety and cleanliness
  • Sophisticated software dual-loop temperature control
  • Repeatable temperature control without overshoot
  • Emergency shutoffs on the machine and remote shutoff capable

Vacuum Purge Adapter

Crescent Design is pleased to announce the release to market of the Vacuum Purge Adapter (VPA). The VPA is the last piece in the puzzle for completely automating burst and leak testing with the HBLT. When interfaced with the HBLT and Smart Manifold, the VPA allows for the fully automatic purging/prepping of catheters. The VPA employs a powerful vacuum pump to remove air from the attached product, readying the product for hydraulic testing. The need to manually prep the catheters with a syringe is eliminated.

Features include:

  • User programmable vacuum to greater than -13 psi (-26 in/Hg)
  • Two user programmable timers for vacuum duration
  • Selectable ports allowing for automatic prep and test of one to ten samples

Benefits include:

  • Completely automated catheter burst and leak testing, including product prep.
  • Repeatable results
  • Increased throughput
  • Eliminates the need for manually prepping catheters with a syringe
  • Catheters can be deflated at the end of a test, if desired

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