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HBLT Care & Feeding – Top 10 Tips

by Crescent Admin on September 9, 2015

Follow these Top 10 tips to ensure optimal performance of your HBLT.

  • Warm up HBLT for 24 hours prior to calibration
  • Always leave your HBLT turned on
  • Purge the HBLT every day using a syringe or the Vacuum Purger
  • Make sure the fluid supply is on the same surface as the HBLT
  • Insure the water reservoir is vented
  • Keep the water reservoir clean
  • Only use fingers to operate the touch screen
  • Document passcode information
  • Fasten all serial port cable connections with the shell screws
  • Do not use, store or ship the HBLT in freezing temperatures

HBLT User Quick Tips PDF

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